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The Warmth Found in an Old Fleece Jacket

Last night was chilly! I jokingly said to my husband that maybe I should wear my coat around the house in order to stay warm. I'm one of those people who always feels a bit chilled. My husband mentioned that while going through a clothing box in a neglected closet earlier in the day, he found an old fleece jacket

given to me by my former employer years ago. It along with several other items had been packed away when we moved and as is the case with some moves, we didn't unpack all of the boxes. He went and brought it over to me. It's several sizes too large. I wore it only during my pregnancy since I didn't want to spend a ton of money on maternity clothing and at the time it accommodated my growing tummy. The company fleece became by go-to jacket. I slipped the fleece on. There was pilling in some areas but it felt comforting, like an old friend, and I was glad for the extra warmth. It wasn't until I ran upstairs to retrieve a book that I felt something bumping up against my hip as I took each stair. When I placed my hand in my pocket I felt something soft and familiar, and my eyes immediately welled up with tears. As I pulled the terry cloth wad of material out of my pocket I was brought back to the days when my son was still a baby. I always carried an extra bib with me since he was a "drooler." and sure enough, I had stored an extra bib in the pocket of that old fleece. It stopped me in my tracks. I know this is probably going to sound silly to you dear reader but I held the bib to my face and inhaled deeply trying to find any remnants of his baby scent, but it was not to be. That unmistakable sweet scent along with the days of him being my chubby little cherub are long gone. It's funny how an item, a song, a scent can transport you back to another time. It's funny how just days into the new year, while everyone is focused on making plans and looking forward, this mom, just for a moment, wistfully looked back. That fleece provided more than just physical warmth. Last night, that fleece and its contents warmed my heart. ~HZM

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